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The Military and Family Readiness Center assists both airman and civilians with researching and reaching career goals. We provide employment skills training and resources to prepare you for a job search: resume writing, interview skills, local job market information, and so much more!  We can help you learn about the Bay Area Local, State and Federal job markets, and how to find job sources abroad if you are PCSing, retiring or separating. Open to all DoD ID card holders, including DoD civilians and their family members. 

Employment Workshops

- 10 Steps for a Federal Position: This workshop educates you on how to apply for a Federal Job through USAJobs website. How the process works. Writing and formatting your resume, properly setting up an account in USAJOBS, finding KSA’s in OPM to assist in developing a qualifying resume. Applying Keywords and accomplishments to stand out in the crowd. Bring pen, pencil and paper or notebook for notes. Held monthly, in-person at the M&FRC from 0830-1200!


- Mastering Resume Essentials: A four-and-a-half hour workshop held monthly designed to create your most effective resume for the career you want. Trained facilitators will provide guidance and teach you to evaluate your resume and understand job application techniques.  ******PLEASE bring in your laptop to begin drafting your resume.

- LinkedIn Profiles: A two-hour workshop held monthly walks participants through building their LinkedIn profiles. Participants learn how to create a profile that markets their professional brand, uses keywords to attract recruiters, and utilizes LinkedIn for skill endorsements and recommendations from their networks. ******PLEASE bring in your laptop to begin building your profile/resume. 

- Marketing Me - A Job Search Approach: A two-hour workshop held bi-monthly focused on using marketing techniques for your job search. You'll explore networking opportunities and use multiple resources to develop an action plan for your job hunt.


- Interview Skills: Preparation is key for a great job interview. This two-hour workshop held bi-monthly provides tips and coaching for job interviews and handling those hard-to-answer questions.  

- Salary Negotiations: A two-hour workshop held bi-monthly explains basic knowledge for salary, compensation, job offers and negotiation skills. Included exercises and resources will help you understand your worth to your next employer.

Job Search Sites & Resources

Spouse Job Search Resources

Are you an employer seeking to post job opportunities for the Travis community? If so, you’ve found the right place.

First, please read the information below and follow the instructions in its entirety.
We will require all employers to post employment opportunities in a new slide format. You will be posting directly to our new Job Board. The process is much more streamlined, making it much more user friendly for employers and job seekers. You can post your vacancy announcements by following the instructions found HERE.


*NOTE: If you are an on base employer, you will NOT be able to access the slides on a government computer. The firewall will block your access. We suggest you use a computer NOT connected to the LAN.

Job seekers will have access the slide presentation via our website, transition workshops and social media platforms.

Again, please ensure you read and follow the instructions carefully, as not to disrupt or impact other employer slides.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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